• As part of deferred maintenance, Arrowhead received upgrades to its fire alarm in Summer of 2017.

  • Arrowhead Middle will receive remodeling for career exploration, space renovations, roof repairs, new drop ceilings, HVAC upgrades, new carpet, interior paint, and security upgrades as part of the bond projects. These upgrades are began March of 2018 and were complete by August 2018.

  • Please check back for important information regarding updates to your child's school.

  • More information will be available as the bond projects move forward.

Watch this space for monthly progress reports once our upgrade work commences.

Arrowhead Map

2018.08.15 - WP 05 August Photo Report Arrowhead.jpg
2018.07.16 - WP 05  July Photo Report Arrowhead.jpg
2018.06.15 - WP 05 June Photo Report Arrowhead.jpg
2018.05.14 - WP 05 May Photo Report Arrowhead.jpg
2018.04.14 - Arrowhead April Photo Report.jpg
2018.03.14 - Arrowhead March Photo Report.jpg

For more information on specific school information, visit Arrowhead's website.