Safety and security enhancements, including new secured entrances

Among the many facility upgrades included in the upcoming bond election will be safety and security enhancements. These upgrades will include improved control of building access at school entrances. Many buildings will receive new, secure vestibules adjacent to the office or reception areas as part of this upgrade. Also included will be technology upgrades to support enhanced security. Each building will be touched, according to its needs.

Two new elementary schools and two new middle schools will be built, replacing existing buildings

  • Northwest Middle School will be razed and replaced with a new 21st century facility.
  • Coronado Middle School will be razed and a new facility will be built to accommodate the population of students from both Coronado and West middle schools.
  • Students from Bethel and White Church elementary schools will combine for a large, state of the art building on the White Church grounds.
  • The two existing Welborn Elementary School buildings will be razed and one new building will be built to accommodate all students.

High School and Career Academy spaces

One area of emphasis will be the creation of 21st century learning spaces at all high schools. Spaces will be built to accommodate the new College and Career Academies that will be launched during the 2017-18 school year. The academies have been identified in collaboration with business leaders to ensure that KCKPS offers robust experiences, tied to the most in-demand career opportunities in the metropolitan area. Other upgrades will include two new and modern science labs per high school building, and faculty planning centers for team collaboration.

Middle School career exploration spaces

A key component of the proposed new bond issue is new space at the middle schools to enhance student opportunities to explore career options. The term “career exploration space” can best be described as an introduction to real world experiences in flexible and collaborative spaces to support the College and Career Academy placement in the high schools.

Kitchen construction and upgrade at six elementary and one middle school

  • Kitchen remodeling and upgrades were identified as crucial needs at seven school buildings.  Six elementary schools will receive improvements and renovations. They include:
    • New Stanley
    • Noble Prentis
    • Grant
    • John Fiske
    • Eugene Ware
    • Douglass
  • One middle school, Rosedale Middle, will receive a new kitchen and cafeteria addition, which will replace an outdated third-floor kitchen and eating space. And when not in use for school meals, the new cafeteria will be used for educational purposes.

New Elementary playgrounds at nine elementary schools

Nine elementary schools will receive renovations to their school playgrounds as part of the bond issue. The playground improvements will be specific to the needs of each school including new and safe play areas and equipment. The schools are:

  • Eugene Ware
  • Grant
  • John Fiske
  • Lindbergh
  • Stony Point South
  • Claude Huyck
  • ME Pearson
  • Whittier
  • Caruthers

Building conversions and upgrades

  • The existing Bethel Elementary will be upgraded and transformed into an early childhood center.
  • The existing West Middle School will be upgraded to accommodate students from William Allen White Elementary School and Parker Elementary School.

Maintenance, repair and replacement (plumbing, roofing, heating/air conditioning, lighting)

Each building will receive a detailed facility review, including looking at maintenance needs, condition of the building, and the long-range facilities plan. Among the areas to be addressed are plumbing, roofing, heating/air conditioning and lighting.